5 Proven Tactics to Hire the Best Dental Hygienist in the Pacific Northwest

Dental practices in the Pacific Northwest know that a skilled and dedicated dental hygienist is essential for providing top-notch patient care. But with the region’s unique dental landscape, how do you attract and hire the perfect hygienist to join your team? Here are five proven tactics to guide your search:

1. Look Beyond the License

  • Licensing and Certifications: Ensure your candidate possesses a valid dental hygienist license for your state in the Pacific Northwest and any specialized certifications relevant to your practice’s needs.

  • Experience: Seek out candidates with experience in various Pacific Northwest dental settings. This demonstrates their knowledge of the region’s patient base and potential adaptability to your practice style.

2. Prioritize Skills and Patient-Centered Approach

  • Patient-First Philosophy: Prioritize hygienists who demonstrate exceptional empathy and communication skills. This is essential for building trust within the Pacific Northwest, especially with patients who may have dental anxiety.

  • Clinical Expertise: While proficiency in standard dental hygiene procedures is a given, seek out candidates with specialized skills that complement your practice. (Ex: advanced periodontal therapy, experience with children).

  • Educator Mindset: Hygienists passionate about preventive care education are invaluable. Look for candidates who empower patients to take ownership of their oral health.

3. Seek Alignment in Practice Fit and Value

  • Team-Oriented: A hygienist who collaborates seamlessly with dentists and other team members is essential in the Pacific Northwest’s close-knit dental communities. Seek candidates who demonstrate proactive communication and a genuine willingness to support the overall flow of the practice.

  • Workstyle and Availability: Determine the hygienist’s preferred workstyle (full-time or part-time), their flexibility, and ensure their availability aligns with your practice’s scheduling needs. This is crucial for maintaining a smooth workflow and meeting patient demand in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Alignment with Practice Goals: Finding a hygienist who understands and shares your practice’s mission, philosophy, and its emphasis on preventive care translates into a more invested and long-term team member. Look for candidates who resonate with your vision and are eager to contribute to the practice’s growth.

4. Don't Overlook These Important Considerations

  • Compensation expectations: Establish a realistic salary range based on experience level, competitive rates within the Pacific Northwest, and your practice’s budget. Openly discussing compensation early in the process can save time for both parties.

  • Technology proficiency: With the increasing reliance on electronic health records and dental software, assess your candidate’s comfort level with the technologies you use in your practice. Tech-savvy hygienists will integrate more seamlessly into your workflow.

5. Partner with Dental Professionals for a Successful Hire

  • Hiring the right dental hygienist in the Pacific Northwest can be easier with the help of Dental Professionals, a trusted employment service in the region.

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    Dental Professionals offers a variety of services to streamline your search, including:

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