We are Dental Professionals

We have been proudly serving the dental community in Washington since 1981. We have always been a family-owned business, and we’re currently owned and operated by Roger Holcombe and Rufina Beem Holcombe. Our staff loves providing world class service to you, and below you can meet our team.

Roger Holcombe, President & CFO - Dental Professionals

Roger Holcombe, President & CFO

Dental Professionals is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I grew up in Microsoft as a Controller and CFO, and during that time I developed a keen ability to look at a situation and find ways to improve products and performance. I’m a numbers guy and my brain is constantly working on something. Now as an owner of Dental Professionals, I can focus on how we can improve our services for our most important stakeholders, our clients and our employees. I am very excited to be at your service.

A little about me – I’m a native of the area from Lakewood and attended Steilacoom High School.  I have a wonderful wife, Rufina, and two great kids, Keila and Logen.  I’ve been a die hard Seahawks fan since attending games with my father as a kid.  I am also a triathlete and have completed many half Ironman races and finished my first Ironman in 2018.

Rufina Beem Holcombe, President & COO

I want Dental Professionals to be THE connection that helps members of the dental community achieve their dreams and career goals.  I am honored to lead the Dental Professionals team, and I love the true passion our staff has for helping our employees and clients.  I have a background in law as a litigation and contracts attorney, and in business as a corporate project manager.  I believe the sum of my past experiences has equipped me perfectly to own and operate Dental Professionals, and I am really excited for the future of this company!  I love working with my husband, Roger, and outside of work I spend my time with our family and loved ones, reading, exercising, watching movies, cheering on the Seahawks, and traveling.

Rufina Beem Holcombe, President & COO - Dental Professionals
Kim Gordon, Recruiting and Marketing Manager - Dental Professionals

Kim Gordon, Recruiting and Marketing Manager

I have been with Dental Professionals since 1996.  Prior to coming here I worked in the dental field for 10 years.  I signed up with DP for their assistance in finding employment.  The company got super busy and asked me to come in and help out temporarily and I never left!  I love helping people find work.  Everyone has a different need and a different story.  Some want extra work to finance a dream vacation, some want extra work to help make ends meet, and some just like to stay busy.  Many find their perfect permanent work home and that is such a gratifying feeling!

My free time is spent reading, cooking, watching movies, and going to Las Vegas and the ocean with my husband.

Katy Paquet, Finance Manager

I’ve been with Dental Professionals since 2014. I started here as a staffing specialist. My background in the accounting industry allowed me to migrate to the bookkeeping/finance side of the company where I am currently serving as the Finance Manager.



Katy Paquet, Finance Manager - Dental Professionals
Courtney Campbell, Operations Manager - Dental Professionals

Courtney Campbell, Operations Manager

I joined the Dental Professional team in 2014 and found a home here. I love helping people and being a part of a team that goes above and beyond to help our clients as well as our employees. What we do is like putting together puzzle pieces and it’s rewarding to place employees with our clients and find the perfect fit, whether it’s for just a day or two or for more permanent and long term assignments.

I’m a California native and moved to Seattle in 2009 because I love the rain! When I’m not working, I enjoy taking my dog to the dog park, watching sports (Go Niners), and spending time with my family.

Alyssa Kay, Staffing Specialist

I love being a part of the Dental Professionals family! When you enjoy what you do it doesn’t even feel like work. We’re all supportive and willing to help, and it really makes for a great team atmosphere.  Being able to help others in the dental profession find a work team that they enjoy working with is what I’m here for!  Apart from my Dental Professionals family, I spend most of my time with my daughter. She motivates me every day.

Alyssa Kay, Staffing Specialist - Dental Professionals