For convenience, our onboarding process is primarily completed remotely in DocuSign and via video conference.  There are 3 steps:

  1. Documentation
  2. Orientation
  3. Training


You will be sent the following legally required documents to complete and sign in DocuSign, as well as other Dental Professionals onboarding documents and other required legal notices:

  1. W-4
  2. I-9
    You will fill out the first page of the I-9 in DocuSign.  We will then physically inspect your appropriate original identification documents and fill out the second page of the I-9 and send you a copy.  The physical inspection can take place at our office or we can arrange to meet you.  We are currently implementing a new service that will allow you to pick a convenient location to bring your documents for in-person verification.  The third page of Form I-9 hyperlinked above lists the documentation that can be used:  One document from Form I-9 List A OR one document from Form I-9 List B AND one document from Form I-9 List C.


You will attend an orientation with one of our staff members at your convenience either in person or via video conference.  During the presentation you will learn about our policies and procedures and tips about working at our clients’ sites.  It should take about 30 minutes.


Prior to being assigned to a job, and annually thereafter, you will be required to review and certify the completion of a Bloodborne Pathogen Training, HIPAA Training, and Anti-Harassment training.  You will be paid for one hour of work at minimum wage for these trainings.



You will also be asked to send us a copy of your CPR/BLS Card, and fill out a Vaccination Certification Form with details about the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis B Virus Certification
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) Vaccine Certification
  • Varicella Vaccine Certification


You will need to provide us:

  • Copy of Washington State Dental License
  • Copy of Liability Coverage
  • Copy of DEA License


You will need to provide us:

  • Copy of Washington State Dental Hygiene License


You will need to provide us:

  • Copy of Washington State Dental Assistant Registration