What’s New?

We’re Modernizing Our Technology!

  • We have texting! You can now text us to update your availability, confirm jobs, ask questions, etc.
  • We have implemented a new software that will provide you access to an employee portal and mobile app where you can manage your schedule, submit electronic timesheets, etc. Launch of the employee portal is coming soon!
  • You will complete your annually required Bloodborne Pathogen Training, HIPAA Training, and Anti-Harassment Training online and via DocuSign.  Our staff will contact you when it’s time to renew your training certifications.
  • At Paychexflex.com you can sign up for direct deposit, manage your W-4, view paystubs, etc.

You Can Earn Employee Benefits

  • Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision
  • You can qualify by working an average of 30 hours per week for 2 months.  You can apply to be our full-time employee any time after reaching the hours requirement.  If hired, you then need to maintain an average of 30 hours per week on a rolling 3 month basis.
  • Dental Professionals will cover 75% of the premium costs for one individual. You will pay only 25% of premium costs and it’s a PRE-TAX! Your contribution is currently estimated at around $200 per month.
  • You must be willing to travel within a large enough geographical area to meet the qualifying hours.

401 K

  • You qualify after 3 months employment. There are no minimum hours!
  • Contribute money pre-tax!

Pretax Commuter Benefit (available to all employees)

  • Contribute money pre-tax to pay for public transit, rideshares, and qualified paid parking.

Free Employee Assistance and Discount Programs
(available to all employees)

  • Personal Assistants, Wellness Program, Legal and Financial help, etc.
  • Discounted tickets – theme parks, hotels, rentals, consumer products

Call or text us at 206-767-4851 to learn more!

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Direct Deposit, Update W-4, View Paystubs

Annual Payroll Calendar

…I was at a different temp agency but left them to exclusively temp with Dental Professionals. They listen to me and have plenty of work to offer me in my area. All of the scheduling coordinators I speak with are very helpful. ….With my busy schedule of working in 2 separate offices, temping, and family life, they are understanding and patient with me and my needs. I would highly recommend Dental Professionals!

— Libby W.